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Our Clover:

Our Clover,  the symbol of the winery that connects the family and the land.

It is formed by 4 hearts that join in the center and represents the union of the members of the Mendoza family and has been used by it for years as a family symbol.

It was adopted as an emblem of the winery when it was discovered, with astonishment, that precisely the four-leafed clover was the first type of grass to appear on the vineyard grounds after its conversion into organic farming.

Discover Castillo de Mendoza

A family with more than 100 years of tradition as a winery and a winery in the heart of La Rioja Alta.

Wines that reflect the attachment to the family, the land, the natural environment and the tradition of Guarda Wines.

35 hectares of own vineyard, located in the emblematic town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, in La Rioja.

Organic wines that are the result of artisanal work and respect for the land, of internationally recognized quality.

A wide open cut excavated in alive rock and the selection of the noblest woods, keep our wines so that they develop all their potential

A human team, which is part of this family of wine and land lovers, and which transmits its special character to our wines

Our wines